Justice and Service

Our Justice and Service Team plans regularly plans events to serve the local community, region, and world.  Here are examples:

Food: We regularly contribute to local food pantries and keep an informal one in our own building.


Refugee Support: Each Fall we collect personal care items that are donated to Ascentria Care Alliance and then shared with resettled refugees and others.


Diapers: We contribute diapers to the Diaper Depot at Christ Episcopal Church and they are then shared with the wider Waltham community.


Summer Habitat for Humanity Build in El Salvador: Roughly every other summer  a First Lutheran team travels to El Salvador to participate in a build.  During the trip, team members engage in rigorous work, and foster relationships through a local Salvadoran Lutheran congregation. Our next build is being planned for the summer of 2021.  Youth aged 16 and older may participate if accompanied by a parent.

elsalvador 1

El Salvador build

The intersection of faith and life.   We are continually seeking to foster conversations on relevant issues and address the intersection of faith and the complexities in daily life.

Flash Events: We regularly organize  “flash events” held after Sunday worship services.  Borrowing from the idea of “flash mobs” where people come together for a specific purpose and then quickly disperse, at our “flash events” children, youth, and adults are invited to engage in a service project as they leave worship. Through these events we have:

  • Prepared lunches for guests of the  Waltham Community Day Center.
  • Packed Cold Weather Kits and Valentine’s Day Goodie Bags for homeless persons in our community.
  • Prepared blankets and personal care kits shared with refugees and others through our partnership with Lutheran World Relief.
  • Written Christmas cards to women and children in detention centers

Engaging Children: We also seek opportunities for engaging children. Examples include:

  • Having children and youth support local and national feeding programs through Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger.
  • Having children share in the support of the Waltham Fields Community Farms Outreach Market
  • Each July welcome nearly 100 children and youth to our one-week, 9 am to 3 pm, vacation Bible school program where we provided a robust program, lunch and snack, Bible stories and engagement in issues of justice … all at no charge to the participants.

Affordable Housing:  Through a separate 501c-3 non-profit corporation set up by church members in the 1970s, members of our congregation (serving on the Nelson Board) oversee nine units of affordable housing and care for tenant concerns.  A portion of this housing is reserved for senior citizens.

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